Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Coffee Talk

Just a few random things I want to discuss on this sunny March Friday. Grab your cup of cofee and let's go.

1. Avery's Money Jar

Remember a month or so back when I started charging Avery for saying "no" to us when asked to do something? You do? Good. So here's an update on that. It works like a charm for the most part. By this I mean that when she starts in with the "no's" she goes balls in. She will crank out 10 "no's" in one sitting, toss a dollar in the jar and move on. Rarely has she ever had to put in just one dime. So needless to say, there is $3 and some odd change. To me, this is rather successful considering this was becoming a daily struggle. I thought by now I'd be on the fast track to a new pair of shoes. Or a value meal at McDs, not the dollar menu.

She did ask once what WE were going to do with that money. I kindly corrected her and very nicely reminded her that this was MY money to do with what I choose. Muah ha ha. She didn't really like that answer but I used it as a time for a discussion. I reminded her that she makes the choice on whether to put money in that jar or not. If she doesn't say "no" to me, she keeps HER money. If she does, it become MY money. That has turned into a one word cue. When I can tell she might be starting to melt, all I say is, "choices!" This usually redirects her behavior and stops her from saying something her pocket book will regret. :)

2. Box Elder Bugs

A random, singular box elder bug is not anything to get your panties in a bunch over. I mean, every fall and every spring, there are a few stragglers roaming around the carpet, climbing the curtains, and chillaxing on the wall. It is what it is. They like our house. No surprise there...I would too if I were them. BUT this year they are out of control in a major way. Where are they coming from? I don't know. But the are coming and won't stop. I mean, it's no invasion by any means. At the most, I kill about 6 a day. Well, I guess that's a lot. And really, to Miss Kendall, one is too many. One was on her leg one day. She lost all control. Flipped out. Went berserk. It was intense.

But anyway. I was in the basement the other day in the area by the furnace. And low and behold, it was like all the box elder bugs in the neighborhood decided to make a pilgrimage to my basement to pay homage to my furnace. They were EVERYWHERE: on the window, floor, furnace, ceiling. It. Was. Disgusting. Heebeejeebee type stuff. I murdered them all. Now it is a mass grave. Can't wait to vacuum those up. Who am I kidding. I am not going to do that. That is a man job. It's the basement. A shop vac is involved. Not my territory.

3. Snapchat

Snapchat has taken over Kendall's life. For those who aren't in the know, snapchat is an app that transmits pictures and videos for only 10 seconds and then it is gone. It is very immediate and very temporary (or so I like to believe they actually really disappear.) But Miss Kendall is a ham. She loves the selfie. I've never known a girl who loves to take her own picture. She really likes the video feature. Just yesterday, she sent out probably 10-15 ten second vids to her peeps. Some had audio, some were just faces. It is amazing. And so much fun. Get it. Go. 'Tis a blast!

Alright. That's all. Enjoy the sunshine! Go see Oz! Check ya laters, yo.